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Why work with me?

Do you need someone at your right-hand who can understand your business and anticipate your needs?  Are you seeking help with some of your regular day to day tasks?  Perhaps you need someone to help put your ideas into action.  All businesses are unique, with differing demands and priorities.  My services are flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements, enabling you to tap into extra resource when you need it.

Let me look after both your professional and personal affairs and take responsibility for your diary, handling emails and extensive travel coordination.  I will support the day to day running of your business from scheduling appointments and regular meetings, to organising conferences and managing projects.  I will act as a reliable point of contact, follow up on important matters and chase others when needed.  Most importantly I will help you prioritise, organise and deliver.

A remote working relationship can work for you

Effective remote working relationships aren’t very different from those based in a traditional office environment.  Both are built on trust and transparency and both rely on setting clear expectations.  I have regularly supported senior professionals from a remote location.  This has been successful because of frequent communication with tasks, responsibilities and deliverables clearly defined from the outset.


Having the right tools and technology in place is critical.  I have strong IT skills, mostly using Microsoft Office packages but also work with Google Suite and Apple iWork.  I use a suite of collaborative project management software tools, which enables you to ensure all your tasks and actions are accurately recorded and moving ahead within the timescales you have set.

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